How we work...


AQSN is an unincorporated association which represents queer students across Australia.

We are currently in the process of drafting a new constitution with the implementation of the AQSN Consitutional & Regulatory Review Committee (CRRC) - we are always looking for more contributors to this process: if you are interested, please join our working group on Facebook, or get in touch with us. 


All queer students are welcome at general committee meetings. Meetings are generally held monthly, often on Wednesday evenings via. If you wish to recieve updates regarding these meetings, please join our working group on Facebook, or subscribe to our mailing list. Skype. AQSN's Annual General Meeting is held midyear at the Queer Collaborations conference.


Minutes of our Annual General Meetings, monthly online meetings and the current AQSN Constitution can be obtained by contacting the National Secretaries at secretary@aqsn.org, or in this folder