What we're working on...

support for queer collectives and networks nationwide 

AQSN encourages the existence of collectives on all campuses and networks in all states. We support groups wishing to form collectives and networks, and provide materials, such as O-week packs, help them recruit, connect and skill up members. We encourage any queer collectives nationwide to get in contact with us, so that we can connect you with our own networks, and continue to refer students seeking support to their nearest tertiary community.


We keep archives of Queer Collaborations conferences and Queerelle magazines. We plan to continue to expand the archive to other publications and documents of relevance to queer students and collectives. Please reach out to us if you are searching for a particular document or collection, and we will strive to assist you where possible. 

permanent exemption campaign

AQSN is contributing to a wider campaign to abolish the permanent exemption to the anti-discrimination act.

SUPPORT for our annual conference 'queer collaborations' and magazine 'queerelle'

Our Queer Collaborations Conference and Queerelle magazine both move around the country, being run by different collectives each year. As AQSN is a permanent organisation associated with both, we are able to support collectives and provide oversight when necessary throughout the year. We are currently collecting submissions for our magazine, so feel free to get in touch!

'QUeer in colour' - PoC/CALD visibility campaign

AQSN is looking to launch a person of colour/culturally and linguistically diverse visibility campaign, and we want YOU to model for us! No experience required: we just ask that you are enthusiastic and excited about POC/CALD visibility!

To apply, please send an email to poc.cald@aqsn.org detailing the following:
1) Your preferred name and pronouns;
2) Confirmation that you are over 18 (ID is preferred, please attach)
3) A few sentences about yourself and why you want to be involved, including confirmation that you are queer & POC/CALD and details of your student status at a tertiary institution; and
4) A photo of your smiling face!

We can't wait to see your applications!

*Due to the proximity of photographers & printing locations, we ask that only students in Sydney and Canberra apply.